translated from Spanish: Bribes | Three new entrepreneurs agreed to declare how “repentant”

three new entrepreneurs agreed this Wednesday, August 22, with the federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli provide information as “repentance” in the case of driver logbooks Oscar Centeno for the alleged payment of bribes to former officials Kirchner.

The new “repentant” are Cecilia Sztemberg of the company Equimac; Patricio Gerbi, Coarco; and Luis Losi, Losi s.a. According to judicial sources, still remains the approval of agreements of collaboration by federal judge Claudio Bonadio.

The three were involved in the Declaration of the former holder of the Argentina Chamber of construction and owner of Esuco S.A., Carlos Wagner, one of the first accused collaborators in the cause.

The companies of the three businessmen are part of a list of companies that managed to present to each tender to then agreeing to pay bribes with officials of the Ministry of Federal planning.

Sztemberg, Gerbi and Losi joined in this way to other employers involved in research as Wagner, Ángelo Calcaterra, Javier Sanchez Caballero, Jorge Neyra, Armando Loson, Aldo Roggio and Héctor Zabaleta, among others.

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