translated from Spanish: Claudio Rissi and the poignant story behind a great actor: “Don’t let theft them dreams”

Claudio Rissi has enshrined as one of the most talented players in Argentine cinema and television. However, the income was not you as simple to the unusual and sometimes thankless world of artists.

The actor, who recently has established itself as one of the most prominent winners of 2018 of the silver Condor awards gala, remembers his first steps and which struggled to get a place in the middle.

“I was going with my photo and nothing, they could get to call someone who had not ever been but not called me,” recalls Claudio with a hint of nostalgia and conversing with cutting edge News.

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On 13 August, all that constancy and perseverance finally had its fruits: was awarded the Condor Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the movie “The bride of the desert”, which was awarded as best Opera Prima.

Also, the actor highlighted the gesture of the directors – Cecilia bind and Valeria Pivato, who expected him to work with him in “The bride of the wilderness” since at that time he was doing a work.

“Means so much receive this recognition because the Condor is the prize that I love and always forwards me very strong emotional places, the desire to have always been a film actor and which has cost him a lot go,” he stressed.

On his way to fame, Claudio stands out who were the figures that inspired it and of those who learned to become the actor who is today. Some of them were: Federico Luppi, Marlon Brandon, Miguel Angel Sola, Gerardo Romano, Daniel Fanego, and more.

However, currently, the winner of the Condor has been installed as one of the leading performance and one of his most notable roles is that of Mario Borges in the Underground and the public TV series, “Marginal”.

Claudio is happy and enjoying the favorable impact that reached and continues making the second season of the fiction, which wears next to Nicolas Furtado (Dear God Borges).

Together with Gerardo Romano | Photo: Instagram @claurissi.6 “every work I do very seriously.” It is not that I worked to be famous but an actor without ego is like a condor with vertigo, a ball with claustrophobia bug”, it reflects tasting the flavor of effort and success. Finally, the actor decided to dedicate a few words to boys who dare to engage in action. “I would say not to leave that they stolen dreams. My dreams are engine so that a meaningful life”, closed.

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