translated from Spanish: Former SS of Hitler captured in the United States would have received aid as a victim of Nazism

the former member of the SS Jakiv Palij, deported to Germany by United States After the capitulation of the Third Reich received aid to the victims of Nazism, the “Bild” newspaper reported today.
In accordance with the medium, which refers to the files of the international service (ITS) established after World War II in Bad Arolsen (North Germany), Palij was welcomed in a camp for displaced people in Bamberg (Bavaria) in 1945 and then became a center of resettlement.
According to this information, he was recognized as a “Displaced Person” category established by the authorities allied to the attention of the displaced, and obtained grants to emigrate to the United States.
All this points to he concealed that he had served in Hitler SS, which made it possible for his departure from the country, in 1949, and adopted American citizenship in 1957.
Palij came to Germany last Tuesday, after the United States to expel him on charges of complicity in the murder of seven thousand Jews when it exercised “voluntary” guard in a nazi concentration camp in occupied Poland.
Born in Poland, Palij hid his membership of the SS and indicated as only last activity of the peasant. Decades later he came to light his past, following what is retired United States citizenship.
U.S. authorities began in 2005 proceedings to expel it from the country, where lived aid social in the New York neighborhood of Queens, since justice of that country cannot judge him for crimes committed during World War II which have not taken place on their territory.
Germany, for its part, had refused until now to take care of Palij arguing that it never had German citizenship, and that there was no arrest warrant against her for murder or complicity in murder.
Neither Poland and Ukraine – country that currently belongs to the city where he was born Palij – wanted welcome to the exnazi.
In order to make progress on the genocide of the Jews in Eastern Europe, the SS recruited more than 5,000 civilians and prisoners of war “particularly loyal” – mainly Ukrainians and ethnic German-which they called “volunteers”.
Palij has always denied having participated in war crimes and ensures that had forced you his role, he says, it was the monitor bridges and rivers.
By 2015, the prosecution of Würzburg (in southern Germany) opened an investigation against Palij, which had to close for lack of evidence.
His record is since then in the central Office for shedding light on the crimes of national socialism, based in Ludwigsburg.
The case of this “voluntary guard” reminiscent of John Demjanjuk, the Ukrainian who emigrated to USA also as alleged victim of national socialism after World War II, which was delivered to Germany in 2009, after exhausting all appeals against their deportation.
Demjanjuk was tried in Munich, in a long process attended on a stretcher during which only communicated with his lawyer through an interpreter and was sentenced to five years in prison for complicity in the death of 28.060 Jews in a nazi extermination of the P occupied Combs.
Immediately after hearing the sentence he was released, in consideration of the two years that he had already spent on remand, and died a few months later in a nursing home.
Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine in 1920 and was captured as a Soviet soldier in 1942 by the nazis, who became a “Trawniki” or volunteer guard in the Sobibor camp.
Its ruling set a precedent in Germany, whose Justice has since opened several late processes for complicity in war crimes and murder of thousands of confined in Nazi camps.

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