translated from Spanish: Legislative work reflects commitment to Michoacan, says Deputy PRI

Morelia, Michoacan.-According to an official statement, the Congressman Raymundo Arreola Ortega, presented its report of activities for the third year Legislative, in which reported a total of 15 initiatives in law, seven subscriptions to various legal systems and a proposal of agreement. The PRI was said to be satisfied with work for the Michoacan, always committed to contribute to the development of the entity.
The legislator, in accordance with the law gave the President of the Board of the Congress, the document in which advises that the initiatives presented during this third legislative year, is approved: the reform of the law on assistance and prevention of the family violence, as well as law of the rights of girls, children and adolescents in the State of Michoacan, are laid down in the decree number 559. In addition to the reform of the law of workers at the service, corresponding to the Decree 561.
Also, Congressman points out that thanks to their proposals, in Michoacán it commemorates March 20 each year the «State day for peace» and establishes the recognition of «Alfonso García Robles», in commemoration of the birth of the illustrious diplomat of Michoacan, prominent promoter of the culture of peace.
Other date established by the legislature LXXIII, initiated by Deputy Raymundo Arreola, in «Day state the people of size small in Michoacán», declared on October 25. As well as day 1 December was declared the State day of the struggle against the Virus of immunodeficiency human-syndrome of immunodeficiency acquired HIV/AIDS, in order to prevent, educate and inform the population of the risks involved in this disease as a public health problem.

Also urged the Executive and the State Secretary of education that will strengthen the curriculum of basic education in Multiple care centres.
In the field of management, gave support citizens to seven municipalities comprising the district XXII of Mugica, cost of transportation, hospitalization, medicines, procedures of certification, school support, among others. In total he delivered 850 sports supporters in various communities in the region, fostering the physical well-being of the citizens.

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