translated from Spanish: Social organizations are manifested throughout the country

with a day of cuts that will have their headwaters in the Pueyrredón bridge, front miracle room, the Confederation of labour unions (CNCT) and neighborhood organizations of the CTA they will today claim the Government that opened the joint social movements.

East the second consecutive day of cuts in the city of Buenos Aires, which will be tomorrow, followed by a third day of street protests.

Yesterday, with a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Rural society, members of social movements called for a change in policies that favor concentrated sectors of the economy.

Unemployed and co-operators started the manifestation in the obelisk, where at noon cut the street to go, then, to the central building of rural employers. 

On Friday, the CTEP, CCC and foot neighborhoods will return to mobilize from the 10, the Obelisk to the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of labour, to claim for the delay in payments work cooperatives that build housing and against cuts to the program s of employment.

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