translated from Spanish: “The Host”: Martín Bossi became Luis Miguel to go to hotel de Adrián Suar

yesterday, Wednesday, August 22, at night, premiered on Fox “The Host”, a show all screen even with a big production that integrates figures argent INAS and international. With the return of Adrián Suar outside channel thirteen.

That tells the story? Adrian is the owner of a hotel, who suffered a loving break and will receive famous guests, tending to deal with a hilarious staff: Nicolás Vázquez, Martín Bossi and Alfredo Casero, also with an ex-wife played by Natalie Pérez.

The guests of the evening were Guillermo Francella, Gustavo Bermudez and Michael Bublé, who made himself and got out of his depression Adrian with a song.

But who also took all the applause was Bossi to imitate perfectly a Luis Miguel. A night not to be missed!

the host adrian suar luis miguel

Original source in Spanish

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