translated from Spanish: “The Hugo m Vargas” of the Union Tepito and his brother be transferred

CD. de Mexico,.-the National Commission of safety (CNS) reported to a judge’s control that has authorized the return to the Reclusorio Oriente of Roberto a’n ‘, alias “El Hugo m Vargas”, alleged leader of the Union Tepito, and which already prepares the work of logistics for your transfer from the federal of Villa Aldama, Veracruz.

The before and the after Roberto a’n ‘, alias “El Hugo m Vargas”, alleged criminal leader from the city of Mexico. Photo: Attorney CDMX also read: “Hugo the m Vargas” is arrested, alleged drug leader of the “Union Tepito” in a trade sent the judge of control Gregorio Salazar Hernández, that reform had access, the decentralized administrative organ of prevention and Rehabilitation Social (OADPRS) of the CNS reported that only the authorization of the penitentiary system of Mexico City is missing to execute the transfer of “The Hugo m Vargas” and his brother José Lopez Maldonado.Leer also: Video: so fell “El Hugo m Vargas”, was implanted hair and fell 30 kilos to evade the Act “in strict compliance to such determination despite and judicial is authority is posing corresponding challenges media, this date was earlier by this decentralized body, the” transfer relevant and the most strict responsibility of that judicial authority, has authorized the severance of defendants of merit of the Federal Center that currently, for his immediate return to prison preventive men’s East, as soon as is You have the respective entry clearance by the prison authority of the city of Mexico, clarifying that however, has started the development of corresponding logistics work”, explained the body.

“Photo: PGR the OADPRS also said to have canceled his office that ordered the transfer of the two accused to the Villa Aldama penitentiary, it complied with the court order that invalidated change of prison by means of an administrative decision.” To the have been complied with in its terms that judicial determination, I request leave without effects contained in the craft and resolution mentioned penalty”, asked the federal organ.

“The Hugo m Vargas”, alleged leader of the Union Tepito. Photo: PGR “El Hugo m Vargas” and his brother were arrested Aug. 8 in the South of the city of Mexico and the 16th of this month, after be linked to process for crimes against health, Federal Police moved them to the penitentiary centre of Veracruz.

Last Sunday the judge Gregorio Salazar has invalidated the transfer and ordered his return to this city, to conclude that the OADPRS credited any of the 3 exceptions to justify the change of criminal without a warrant.
According to the national law of Penal Enforcement, the requirements in question are that the defendant is accused of organized crime; There is a real risk to their safety and health; or put at risk the governability of the penitentiary which was originally entered. In this note: transfer the CDMX Union Tepito Hugo m Vargas

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