translated from Spanish: The participating trans surprised Lali Espósito, Diego Torres and Wisin in talent Fox

another of the shows that took place last night on Fox screen was talent Fox, with the participation of Diego Torres, and Alejandro Fantino driving Lali Espósito and Wisin as jurors.

This reality what is proposed is to find the perfect voice in singing amateurs, who also have an interesting and powerful story of life. How in the case of Julian, a participant which arose in this first program.

It is a trans boy showed dissatisfaction with his voice, while he marveled to the jury. As a result, each gave their point of view. “I liked that you’ve released, at a time you soltaste and I thought ‘ Wow, we are all dancing ‘”, said Diego.

Wisin coincided with Torres: ‘I believe that you are being cruel to yourself. “To me what I liked the most was your voice”. Lali was beyond: “you have to be very brave to decide to be who one wishes to and within this decision is love and loving one’s self”.

Original source in Spanish

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