translated from Spanish: Justice declared admissible application for protection against toll collection to go to Hill and Lampa

the Deputy DC Gabriel Silber announced this Friday that “l a Santiago Appeals Court declared admissible protection resource we are presenting next neighbors of Hill and Lampa and the movement “No more abuse of TAG and tolls” to stop the toll collection to get in and out of these communes is doing the concessionaire of the road, without lists the complementary works that were committed”.
Parliamentarian said that “are very pleased by this decision of the Court, we have the confidence that what we are demanding is fair, since it may not be possible Via Global dealership to start toll collection as there are still jobs” slopes in highways and streets”. 
“Now the Court will go to the bottom of our request and we are confident that the decision will be favorable to our position, since always discussed that there would be additional works on that route before the collection of the toll, so that residents were forced to pay po r and out of their communes”. 
Finally, he said that “now we will continue to work with our lawyers and neighbors to achieve success in our resource and get stops collecting by the concessionaire and the rights of the inhabitants of Hill and Lampa”.

Original source in Spanish

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