translated from Spanish: Miracle room was again interned and denounce harassment of Justice

“since early today miracle room is with fever, vomiting, and dizziness. Attended it the SAME and this morning medical of the judiciary that assess their internment. We recall that judge Pullen Llermanos prevented to be attended by their physicians”, they secured from the official account of Tupac Amaru.

The social leader was admitted to the hospital Pablo Soria of San Salvador de Jujuy as a result of health complications, and is the second time in the month of August which should be attended by specialists in a particular Centre, since they failed to control the symptoms at home.

Miracle room, again hospitalized. Photo: Naunu time served, doctors returned to emphasize that Hall had vomiting and dizziness, detailed that also had “headache and bleeding of nose”. In detail, they remarked that “in principle” would respond to a picture of liver disease, caused by the hunger strike dry carried out by way of protest while she was detained in a penal of Salta.

“The Supreme Court in its last agreed clearly expressed that miracle is entitled to choose whom to serve is”, complained from the Tupac, since defense was intended to be served in the private clinic Los Lapachos, where “they had a room available” and not at Soria.

Pullen Llermanos, that he refused to miracle room that you address with their own doctors now ordered the internment in the Pablo Soria, in spite of Defense reported to the judiciary that they had available at the clinic Los Lapachos room. The judge continues harassing miracle – press Tupac (@PrensaTupac) August 24, 2018Debido to the delicate situation of health of the leader, the Tribunal Criminal N ° 3 suspended the hearing that was scheduled for this saw ernes in the morning, when they had to concur for testifying five witnesses of social organizations in the context of the trial due to known as kids slum dwellers.

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