translated from Spanish: They do not discard continuity of military commanders

Los Mochis, Sinaloa-the continuity of military in charge of the municipal police forces cannot be ruled out and will be raised to new mayors as they enter function soon, so was announced by the secr age of State public safety in Sinaloa, innocent Fermin Hernandez Montealegre.Lee also: military will reinforce surveillance in Ahome to end of year: SSPEl police command was yesterday in this city where he held a meeting with directors of security Public of the municipalities of the northern zone which agreed strategies for the prevention of crime and to seek better working conditions for the police officers. 

Innocent Fermín Hernández, director of State public security. Photo: The DEBATE at the end of the meeting, innocent Fermin Hernandez Montealegre said that although municipalities are autonomous, it is possible make the mayors entering functions the proposal to maintain military command in the municipal police forces. Hernandez Montealegre said that the military police maintained a strong presence in Sinaloa and works in coordination with the different police corporations. Read also: Watch the federal police killed in ZacatecasEl garyshaw police chief said that the military police will remain in accordance with the established Convention to collaborate in security in the municipalities of the State. Theft of vehicles innocent Fermin Hernandez Montealegre said that Sinaloa records an average of 15 to 20 robberies of vehicles a day; but, in contrast, authorities recovered from 10 to 12 drives. Another of the crimes most committed in Sinaloa is theft to trade. After the meeting with police commanders in the Northwest, State public safety Secretary toured the preventive police and transit facilities in Ahome.En this note: Los Mochis police military police Municip to the security

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