translated from Spanish: Tips to eat and hydrate yourself well before and after the marathon of the CDMX

eat well, be well hydrated and rest are key for this Sunday it all des when sounds the shot of output for editing XXXVI of Marathon in the city of Mexico.
So you get 100% to this international competition we bring you some tips for before and after the 42.192 km.
Before the great day well hydrated. The day before the competition does not take water only. It is recommended to consume isotonic drinks combined with water. At least two liters of this preparation.
Eat well but without excesses. Three days before the race you must add more low glycemic index carbohydrates, like pasta, brown rice, cereals integrals, breads, cookies and fruit.
And you should decrease the amount of fat and protein that you eat, explains the site am marathon runner. A day before you do a carbohydrate load, but this does not mean to not power, but only slightly increase your normal serving of these foods to eat.
Avoid novel foods. The day before the race not to try new foods, because you don’t know what reaction can have on your body.
The light breakfast race day. It’s waking up two hours before the race so you can eat something and go to the bathroom before leaving home.
It’s breakfast at least one hour before the race. You can eat bread with jam or honey, or with cheese cream, as well as a tea. Not recommended dairy products because they are heavier to digest and can cause diarrhea.
Go to the bathroom before you leave. Avoid drinking coffee before the competition, is a diuretic. It takes about two glasses of water 15 minutes before the race to be hydrated, this will prevent you feel urge to urinate before start.
Try to evacuate before leaving for the race, recommends Soy marathon runner.
Hunger during the race. Start to feel hungry after the first hour of the race and at kilometer 21, then you can use gels and energy gummies.
According to the magazine, Runners, every plastic is equivalent to 30 grams of carbohydrates, sufficient to give you the necessary energy for the marathon, so you must distribute it according to your needs.
After running you did it, you crossed the goal of the marathon. Now you should reward yourself for the effort.
When you are done you eat the fruit of your recovery and package the drink that will give you.
From that cross the goal you have two hours to eat and your muscles properly receive the nutrients. He is called at this time window of recovery.
You can eat hotcakes with Bacon, enchiladas, enfrijolas, or until a cake of Tamale with meat, that have enough carbohydrates and the proteins. It also takes at least two liters of liquids the hours of the race.
If a couple of hours gives you more hungry after breakfast, it is normal, because you need another load of carbohydrates. You can get to feel hungrier than usual until two weeks after the competition.

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