translated from Spanish: Her husband and his psychiatrist wanted to make it crazy and kill it

the cause began in 2015 when Corina Kobylanski, of 41 years, denounced her husband Fernando Kainer and his psychiatrist Juan Florencio Reboredo. 

The couple arrived in Mendoza in 2012 and after the birth of her second child, the relationship turned violent. That same year it was placed by a bone problem and the psychiatrist began to meet it.

The relationship between the doctor and the family became a friendship. But the drugs supplied by Reboredo for mental disorders complicated as hypnotics, antidepressants, antipsychotic and antiepileptic effects.

These medications, according to the record, decreased mental capabilities considerably.

Recently the cause went from the prosecution of gender-based violence to the killings, since it was an orchestrated assassination attempt, apparently, by the ex-husband of the complainant with the help of the psychiatrist that put at risk the life of the patient.

In addition to the effects of the drugs, there was a crucial witness for the case in Mendoza. A maid of the couple said Kainer asked him to give a few drops his wife unless she noticed it. 

Another psychiatrist who treated the victim after Reboredo indicated that Kobylanski had no mental disturbance.

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