translated from Spanish: A year of the accident of Ignacio Lastra: specialists speak of optimal treatment of scars in burned patients

this 1 of September met a non of the tragic accident that involved the model and former boy reality Ignacio Lastra and that it impacted public opinion by the seriousness of their Burns, they kept it for months on the brink of death.
A story for many incredible, since other patients in his condition fail to move forward and regain his life. Months later, Lastra appeared in the media showing his face and the aftermath of this serious accident, which has him even with rehabilitation treatments.
But what about people that they face such severe burns? What treatments should do when already one year has elapsed since these affect your body?
María Rosa Fuentes, kinesiologist and Director of Dermokine clinic, specialized in the management of scars, mainly of burned people, explains that the treatment physiotherapy for people who have suffered burns consists of two areas, one of which is the Kinesiology as such and the compression elastic and rigid.
«What we do is physical therapy, using ultrasound and radiofrequency, machinery that what you intend to do is to help healing progress, reduce the hardships, maintain flexible scars, help the modulation of pain and accelerate the» tissue repair,»says.
«Also they can massage, to give greater flexibility to the scars, take them off when they are attached to deep planes, manual lymphatic drainage, allowing through the hands to redistribute the liquid that has accumulated product of the post operative . Finally there are a series of exercises which are intended something more global, to strengthen muscles and stretch, among others, to return the capabilities of the body, which have been lost not only Burns, but also for the rest prolonged», adds.
The professional notes that the second area that involves physiotherapy treatment is compression, techniques that what they do is tighten the SCAR and keep it with a bit of partial pressure, to make it less blood that is feeding them.
«It’s like putting the SCAR to diet and within the compression we have an elastic and a rigid. The first are all the costumes of elastic materials for different parts of our body, which can be adapted quite easy, since clothes are gradually, which are adjusted and modified according to the need of each patient, on a regular basis. «Other type of compression, is rigid, made system with masks of acrylic, which serve the same function, but are made of other material and that also you can go modifying like elastic», explains.
About what happens to patients with burns as extreme as the Ignacio Lastra, treatment is mainly based on daily use of compressive elastic systems, clothes tailor-made for different areas of the body. In addition, it complemented with exercises, stretching and physical therapy, all aimed to restore and maintain the functionality of the patient. It is important to be aware that these treatments involve an every day so the environment and patients support network is essential.
In relation to the time elapsed since the accident, María Rosa Fuentes explains that we must assess certain conditions, to see if the treatment is still effective and see if the scars are still active. «When we talk about active scar, we refer to the scar is still pink, red or purple, which means that even it being repaired, which becomes blood to the area, and still have time to continue to optimize healing. In addition, other factors are mixed as for example that there is itching, which indicates that there is activity of the SCAR and which is still active. If these factors are met and still healing can be, is important to continue with treatment mentioned above», says.
On the contrary, points out, if the scar is a paler colour (close to the color of the skin), which is called a mature scar, «the truth is that we arrive at a time when scars already matured and have no possibility to improve this technique».
The kinesiologist highlights, speaking of SCAR, should include grafts and flaps. Both are covers, ranging from a healthy place to a place that we need to cover product that this skin is injured, to be able to restore skin coverage.
Doubt for many in these cases is how long could endure this treatment, either for anyone suffering these Burns, as for the model.
Ilsen Medica, kinesiologist and Dermokine Director, explains that, when burned patients severe, critical or envelope exceptional life to perform treatment extends for several years, especially if the patients are children, since this is until they complete their growth stage. «In the case of adults the treatment continues until you scars and grafts are inactive, i.e. when already they are not going to edit more and become pale shades».

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