translated from Spanish: Detain two instigators of lynching in Puebla

the Attorney General of the State of Puebla reported that it arrested two involved in the killing of the two men who were lynched in the municipality of Acatlán de Osorio, Puebla.
He explained that one of the suspects was in end-stage cirrhosis of the liver, was transferred for their medical care, but died.
“There is a medical history and interviews with those who attended it previously and necropsy with intervention of the Commission on human rights of the State will be held to be fully finds the cause of death,” says the Prosecutor’s Office in a statement – another of the alleged instigators of the lynching was transferred to put it at the disposal of the judge’s Control.

#BoletínFGE | Follow-up to people deprived of life to a man and his nephew in #Acatlán, ruling that the victims had committed a crime, gave compliance to judicial mandates for arrest and search warrant. More information: – EGFR Puebla (@FiscaliaPuebla) September 1, 2018 research which began on August 29 after residents deprived of life the two men, who was ruled out that they had participated in any illegal, it remains open and remains in development coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Regional research, the State Agency of research and the Institute of Sciences forensic.
Alberto N., 56-year-old, and Ricardo N. 21, were accused by the residents of the community of San Vicente Boquerón of trying to abduct a minor; However, the Prosecutor’s Office ruled that the victims had participated in a crime.
Reads: Lynched in Puebla men were not criminal: prosecution; family members demand justice for his murder according to the first investigations, it is presumed that both men engaged in farm work.
So far they have requested and obtained from the judicial authority, orders of apprehension and search have been made. It have also obtained interviews of the Mayor of Acatlan de Osorio, of the director of public safety and municipal police forces.

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