translated from Spanish: Disguised thief and abused his stepdaughter in ten years

after more than one month of research and after the denunciation of the mother of the baby, the police managed to determine that the subject responsible for the violation of the 10-year-old girl was the propi or stepfather, which simulated a theft situation for sexually abusing a minor, when there was nobody present in the House.

On July 28, the 47-year-old man entered the home with a balaclava in his head hands in latex gloves, abused a minor and before disturbing the place to simulate the theft of the estate, according to the strength of the provincial troops in Buenos Aires.

The man was arrested after a RAID at his home. Photo: Security PolicialesLa investigation began a few days later and was allowed to corroborate that the couple of the complainant (stepfather of the abused), planned simulation of the assault to rape. The troops found under covert surveillance and monitoring, which the pedophile was going to plazas or courtyards of meals and watched for hours to minors who were at those places.

Later, own police discovered that the man had a sentence of the Court in the spiraling No. 04 of San Martin in 2001, of 11 years in prison for “crimes of sexual abuse seriously outrageous in real competition with simple sexual abuse” and that , on those facts, had used the same modus operandi.

Another chilling stories occurred in Gesell Chamber, when the victim said his stepfather told him once that thieves were following him and that if were to enter the House to steal, “that you do not panic or resist and thus avoid that they hurt it” “. Before the evidence collected, effective law enforcement, with judicial approval, mounted the operation which made possible the arrest of the suspect, in the street Calvucura to the José C. Páz 2580.

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