translated from Spanish: Photo: Rare disease flips woman «off the bone» shoulder

India.-a 37-year-old woman suffers from a rare disease in which bones «disappear», making it «can» turn 180 degrees left shoulder. Read also: man recognizes himself in photo of kid gone case was published by the medical journal published weekly in the United Kingdom by the British Medical Association.

«No bones» women, have Gorham-Stout syndrome, a strange condition that only has been recorded in the medical literature less than 70 cases, said half The Sun.Hace a few days the patient was presented with the doctors for externarles who suffered a strong pain in the left arm, so, this hindered him move it.
Women indicated that it had about three months with arm pain but had not treated it is.

«When they examined it, doctors discovered that he had a soft shoulder which could be rotated 180 ° from the chest to the back, twice the normal external rotation,» says the British Medical Journal.

Photo British Medical Journal.

After that doctors carried out a radiation electromagnetic and then an MRI, they discovered that the humeral head had «disappeared» and only had a few small chips. Read also: «Crystallite, I had to leave because they were shooting» after several studies, doctors ruled out problems with infections, hormonal or metabolic. So far doctors have not found if there are genetic links in the strange disease. The woman told doctors that he had no physical disabilities and that only suffering, more than anything, pain, refused to undergo to correct the problem in the shoulder. Since there is no medical treatment for the rare disease, specialists called on women that strengthened their man with exercises so the muscle can stand the joint. In this note: strange disease India Gorham-Stout syndrome

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