translated from Spanish: September arrives with increases in gasoline

prices of fuels increased to 2.5% in the city of Buenos Aires because of a tax in the sector, which will put more pressure on inflation.

With the new increase, the litre of super gasoline in YPF rose from $29.60 to $30,34, which implies an adjustment of 2.5%; While that of the Infinia jumped from $35.65 to $36,42, i.e. was the rise of 2.1% in this case.

In terms of diesel oil, the price of a litre went from $25.94 to $26.38, amounts that imply a 1.6% advance; the Infinia while diesel went up from $31.19 to $31,65, 1.4%.

These prices started to be governed from this Saturday in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA), increases are highest in the interior of the country.

In some provinces they formed is long lines Friday to refuel until the new growth begins to apply. 

The oil companies argued that the update rate is due to the increase of the tax on the transfer of fuels (ITC) and the adjustment in the amount of biofuels.

In July, when inflation was 3.1%, one of the factors that put more pressure to inflation, next to tourism for food and winter holidays, was the sector of fuels.

naphtha fuel increases in September

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