translated from Spanish: «The Troubadour of the Gol» faces demand for domestic violence: «who know me know it would be capable of something so»

Alberto Jesús López, Rapporteur known as «El Trovador’s goal» is going through a complex after being facing a demand for domestic violence and another for alimony. Rodrigo Moya, lawyer for Lopez, said at the fourth that professional also is in the middle of a dispute over visitation with his 8-year-old son. In this sense, he pointed out that the process culminated three weeks ago and would be now regularizing related to «the Board of food, in virtue of which will has existed between the parties». On the other hand, the lawyer insisted that «The Troubadour» still not has been formalized by the complaint of domestic violence. «The Public Ministry through the North Central Prosecutor’s Office began a preliminary investigation by the denunciation of his former spouse, but I want to clarify that when Alberto even has been formalized.» Was the driver who through his Twitter account referred to what is taking place, ensuring that «I reject all forms of violence against any person and who know me know it would be capable of something as well. Out of respect to my spouse and my child I will not give details», he said. Therefore he said that everything was due to «differences» with regard to his son. «I have the right to see my child grow up and not be deprived of that taking it out of the country permanently as it has been the intention and that product that have generated these differences,» he said. OTHER DENUNCIASSin however, this is not the first time commentator of CDF is involved in this kind indeed, because in 2012 already had been denounced by a partner by abuse. 2013 the same as in 2017. The three charges were withdrawn a few days later of interposed. So the lawyer of the television face confirmed it. «It is not the first time that the other party removed the accusations, or not ratify them, causing logic uncertainty on the other side,» said Rodrigo Moya.

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