translated from Spanish: Vicente Fox raises that marijuana enters the NAFTA; refuse him

Mexico City-Mexican President Vicente Fox is planting a seed in regards to trade agreements: want to add marijuana to the North American free trade (NAFTA) Treaty.
Currently, Vicente Fox is part of the directory of the producer of medical marijuana with headquarters in Vancouver, Khiron Life Sciences Corp., and believes that cannabis should be treated as any other form of production, according to Bloomberg.
Mexico legalized medical marijuana in 2017, and Fox predicts that the recreational facility will be legal in the country next year. He supports the idea and says it could help to curb the violence of the drug cartels.
«We can change the criminals in businessmen, we change not taxpayers clandestine and illegal in an industry, a sector of the economy», Fox told Bloomberg Thursday. «I think that it should be part of NAFTA and that is what I am pursuing.»
Monterrey: from industrial city to Mecca of medical marijuana but that possibility makes marijuana growers as Jamie Warm is inappropriate.
Warm, Original completo Henry, a cannabis based in Mendocino, Calif., company’s CEO believes that make marijuana NAFTA could be devastating for American agriculture.
«The U.S. Agriculture collapsed because it subcontracted everywhere,» he told HuffPost. «How is that fair? But cannabis is a crop that small farms have depended on for revenue.»

Although cannabis industry is growing, Warm said that it has also become more corporate, hampering market entry barriers for small farmers.
Allow cannabis from other countries could cut industry root since «American farmers have to deal with the environmental regulations and protections of workers that other countries do not have».
Lex Corwin, the founder of Stone Road Farms in Los Angeles, also sees big problems with the Fox proposal.
«NAFTA is a trade agreement federal and marijuana is federally illegal, therefore, marijuana cannot be included until it legalized at the federal level,» he told HuffPost.
But even if cannabis becomes legal at the federal level, Corwin does not believe that it should be included in international trade agreements.
«Small farmers and producers are struggling enough with the excessive regulation of California and ever-changing legal framework,» argued. «If we add the marijuana grown abroad at low cost to the equation, it would be a death sentence for many US businesses of marijuana and the tens of thousands of well-paying jobs that offers this industry».
Source: Huffington Post

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