translated from Spanish: ‘Cuervo’ Larroque on Government: “you don’t have to go now, you need to change policies”

the Secretary general of the Cámpora, Andrés “cuervo” Larroque clarified today that do not agree with the view that President Mauricio Macri “of BA go already”conduction of the country, but insisted that”it should change policies”of the Government.

“What is voted is liberalism. We do not believe that Macri must go already, but that should change policies”, explained the legislator and leader camporista. 

In this way, Larroque María Emilia Soria marked distance with respect to the request formulated by the Member of Kirchner for President Mauricio Macri “from one step to the side” in the current situation.

Meanwhile, the national Deputy of the front for victory pointed out that the Senator Cristina Kirchner “are not thinking in the election” of the year which comes but is “concerned about what is happening to the country”. 

At this point no matter if they are unable, unwilling, or do not know how to ruin this country. What matters is that they take a step to the side, have constitutional mechanisms that enable it.

-María Emilia Soria (@MaEmiliaSoria) August 31, 2018 “Cristina is not thinking today in elections, is very concerned by what is happening to the country,” said. In statements to radio Futurock, said that Kirchner has expectations of “to reach an agreement” election with the other sectors of peronism.

“There is a sector of peronism that has a more conservative look, but understand that this policy not can continue to do it,” relied on opposition building trying to get rid of kirchnerism.

“We are speaking with all sectors to be able to generate an MP to emerge from this crisis and that take it this Government or the Parliament,” he revealed.

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