translated from Spanish: Drastic cut in cabinet: was deleted more than one dozen ministries

the Government of Mauricio Macri is preparing to operate a drastic cut in the management structure with the Elimination of at least one dozen ministries in order to of cutting public expenditure, economic crisis by the sudden fall of the exchange rate.

Meanwhile, already it is output of the vicejefes Cabinet, Mario Quintana, and Gustavo Lopetegui, following the extensive meeting of the President with his collaborators in Olivos, while the Chief of staff, Marcos Peña, would retain his post.

Sources close to the Government told you NA that are thirteen Ministries which will lose its grade, several of them becoming Secretaries.

It is aimed at science and technology, agro-industry, energy, tourism, environment, work and modernization as some of the ministries that will lose their rank, while the same could happen with culture and media.

Mauricio Macri | Photo: NALa reformulation of the Cabinet, which goes in the direction with the aim of targeting a «zero deficit», one of the tools with which Macri will attempt to resume the economic helm in the midst of the storm, will continue defining during Sunday, already with the presence of Governors of change it will be added to the Group of relatives that this Saturday met throughout the day the President.

Source: NA.

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