translated from Spanish: In August 8% fell retail

according to a report of the Confederación Argentina of the enterprises (CAME), SME retailers retail sales fell 8% in August compared with the same period of 2017. So far for the year, the sector builds up a 3.7% decline.

According to this survey, all the items that make up the offer retail is held, including heavy goods sensitive as food and drink or drugs.

“Consumption comes down substantially in recent months, but within all the retail sales fall particularly concerned about the decline in purchases of food,” said Domingo Roberto Torres, of the Industrial Union of La Pampa.

In August, 68.4% of the businesses consulted by CAME had annual declines in their sales, grew by only 23% and 8.6% remained unchanged. Thanks to the abundance of offers in sectors such as clothing, footwear, bazaars, white textile, leather goods, among others, generated enough liquidity to prevent one greater reduction.

68.4% of polled businesses lowered its annual sales 23% grew 8.6 percent remained unchanged “currency instability away consumers from the market”, and agreed the businessmen consulted, especially on the end of the month, when families were left with little for the consumer.

Reportedly, a sales channel that played strong in August was the online: “while ever more business introduced it as a way of marketing, because the tendency is more to buy from there, it was notorious the emergence of suppliers offering to the public at prices just top that sold to Commerce, displacing the retail brokerage”.

Brutal drop in food and BebidasEn food and beverage, sales at constant prices fell 4.8% a year and added a shrinkage of 1.9% in the first eight months of the year.

“People go more to the business district, buy what you need for one or two days and again.” Third search marks, more economical meals, dispenses with the drink and complementary products. Many locals increased sale fiada with its best-known customers, face cards rebound due to lack of funds,”explained.

August retail sales fell by 8% came

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