translated from Spanish: Macri will reduce by half the number of ministries in Argentina

the Argentine President, Maurico Macri, prepares with his closest collaborators a du RA government restructuring, including the disappearance of at least 10 ministries, which will be absorbed by other portfolios. The restructuring also includes the Elimination of the figures of the vicejefes of the Cabinet of Ministers (Gustavo Lopetegui and Mario Quintana), though – except last minute changes – it will remain at the head of it, Marcos Peña, while the output of both is in the practice a cut of his power. It is an attempt to save the country from economic and social disaster.
The Argentine Government is currently composed of 22 members, including the head of State and the Vice President, Gabriela Michetti, which in turn is the President of the Senate. To make this adjustment, as part of a drastic reduction in the public deficit to less than a quarter of what has been agreed at the time with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was 1.2 percent, Macri held this Saturday (01.09.2018) in residence Presidential Olivos, in the periphery and the Argentine capital, a long and busy day of Marathon meetings.
The ministries of labour, modernization, science and technology, culture, energy, agro-industry, health, tourism, and environment will become Secretaries of State under the umbrella of other portfolios. Occurs as very probable that the ministerial Department of transportation is a energy and health with the Social development, while the environment and modernization will pass directly depend on the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.
The portfolios of culture, science and technology will be integrated into the Ministry of education, once degraded to the rank of Secretaries of State. Work will be under the orbit of the Ministry of production and agro-industry, just lay off about 600 employees, would go to the Ministry of finance who runs Nicolás Dujovne, another of those attending meetings of this Saturday at Olivos. Some meetings that, presumably, will continue Sunday.
It is also likely the Ministry of production to absorb tourism, within this plan which last is a further reduction of public expenditure in the order of 100,000 million Argentine pesos (about 3,200 million dollars). It aims to reach an overall reduction of the expenditure of the Argentina nation of 500,000 million Argentine pesos (almost 16,000 million dollars), to base these and other measures of various kinds that shall be possibly submitted by Macri on Monday.

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