translated from Spanish: The 27-year crisis and cholera

according to some researchers, the reasoning reaches its peak at age 22 and begins to be reduced to 27, which pro Duce a crisis of meaning and identity. If we withdraw today 27 years until 1991, in the newscasts and newspapers would see news about the increase in AIDS cases in Chile, a vaccination campaign against measles in schools about the increase in infections and a cholera outbreak that originated a campaign of the Ministry of health (Minsal) to prevent its advance.
Those were «fashionable» diseases and they concentrated much of the efforts of public health. Currently efforts are focused on preventing non-communicable chronic diseases.
Today, 27 years later, we are facing an increase of measles in developed countries, despite the fact that advances in medicine had made it possible to eradicate it; an increase in AIDS in Chile, in spite of greater access to information and prevention campaigns, and an outbreak of cholera in the XXI century in Chile, which could not be registered for 12 years, except for an isolated case which came from another country.

This is an acute intestinal infection that is caused by the consumption of food or water contaminated with the Vibrio cholerae. His appearance is concerned, in addition, because it occurs just before independence day, the largest national holiday and which usually register poisonings by mishandling of food due to poor hygienic conditions of some local food.
Minsal already launched a prevention campaign to prevent its advance. But also self care is the responsibility of all. And it is possible to avoid the contagion with something so simple – even seems ridiculous – like wash your hands thoroughly.
This is the main weapon against cholera: before handling a food wash your hands with SOAP and water for 45 seconds. Also have to wash food and utensils to be used in their preparation, before cleaning the place where will be cooking, check due dates, the conditions of storage, production, origin and, as far as possible, the conditions of preparation of food.
Overcome this crisis of sense of age 27: to take charge of our health and take care of our families and loved ones.

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