translated from Spanish: Carrio: “I will remove dead from Casa Rosada because viva do not go out and Macri nor”

following the announcement of President Mauricio Macri confirmed the transcended that arrived the weekend on a strong fiscal adjustment, the co-founder of Camb iemos Elisa Carrió came to support the Government with its characteristic histrionismo.

“I say the militant coup: there is no helicopter, here we get as in the Casa de la Moneda in Chile.” “So, dear, if you want to make the blow I will remove dead of the Casa Rosada but I live do not go out and Macri nor”, expressed this afternoon to participate in an activity of the Confederación Argentina of the enterprises (CAME).

On the other hand, urged SMEs to “trust” the head of State and said that “it is not a weak President, he is a President who is an engineer” and “is used to keep their feelings”.

“Living with the son of (Franco) Macri father was more human effort that I made”, said Carrio.

After the ads defended me will get dead from the casa rosada

Original source in Spanish

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