translated from Spanish: Crocodile devoured a woman and her baby in Uganda

Lake a crocodile attacked and devoured a woman and her baby of five months that had gone to a lake in the Northwest of Uganda to seek water, officials said today. The attack, which occurred Friday on the shores of Lake Albert, is another example of the conflict between humans and animals in Africa, where the species often have to fight for resources and many rural families have no access to running water in their homes. “We are advising people to avoid areas where these man-eating crocodiles”, said Bashir Hangi, spokeswoman of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), one of the organs that regulate the conservation of wildlife in the African country. “Crocodiles are in fish breeding areas, but when fish are depleted they go to the surface and attack and eat humans,” explained Hangi. According to the local newspaper “The Daily Monitor”, other people who were on the Bank of the river tried to save the woman and the baby without success. “Residents tried to save her but his efforts were unsuccessful because the crocodile had already disappeared with his body in the waters,” the newspaper reported. Last week it was captured on the East Bank of Lake Victoria to a crocodile of 700 kilos had killed and devoured five people in the last five years, told another officer of UWA. “The attacks of these animals are increasing. At the moment I’m in Ngoma (Centre of Uganda) tracking a crocodile that has eaten 32 goats of a people”, he said.

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