translated from Spanish: How are ministries organized after the cut?

then a weekend packed with meetings at the Olivos, where deputies, Governors and Ministers of the Alliance came together change to define the changes in the Cabinet, the new scheme of power macrista was with 10 minisite rivers. 

Those who survived were: education, production, Social development, security, justice, Interior, economy (stop called Hacienda), defense and transport. 

In organisms that survived with ministerial rank will be not removed any leader, reason why Alejandro Finocchiaro, Dante Sica, Carolina Stanley, Patricia Bullrich, Germán Garavano, Rogelio Frigerio, Nicolás Dujovne, Oscar Aguad and Guillermo Dietrich they are still in their jobs. 

Meanwhile, agro-industry and labour, led by Luis Etchevere and Jorge Triaca, will be under the wing of production, while health, until yesterday managed Ministry by Adolfo Rubinstein will be absorbed by Social development. 

Andrés Ibarra, former Minister of modernization and narrow Macri confidence person decades ago will become vice Chief of staff, in which replaces Mario Quintana and Gustavo Lopetegui. 

Culture, science and technology, Pablo Avelluto and Lino Barañao, will be Secretaries of the Ministry of education, such as energy, Javier Iguacel which will stop to economy. 

Tourism and the environment, which were managed by Gustavo Santos and Sergio Bergman, will remain in the Presidency. 

The public health community raised the voice before the demotion of the national portfolio and even provincial ministries released a statement, which allege that it is impossible to coordinate national policies as well. 

Reduction of ministries Cabinet

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