translated from Spanish: IEM approves amendments to assignment in councils of PRD and Morena

Morelia-in compliance to various rulings issued by the Tribunal Electoral de the power Judicial of the Federation (TEPJF), the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Michoacán) IEM) approved two agreements by which is given evidence of plurality «By Michoacan to the front» coalition and national regeneration movement.
These agreements were approved unanimously by the Adviser President, Dr. Ramon Hernandez Reyes, and electoral advisers Lic. Irma Ramírez Cruz, Dr. Humberto Urquiza Martínez, Dr. Yurisha Morales Andrade, Prof. Araceli Gutierrez Cortes, Lic. Luis Ignacio Peña Godínez and lic. Viridiana Villaseñor Aguirre.
The National Action Party (PAN) agreed, in the first place, the delivery of evidence of majority to the formula of deputies by District 15 of Patzcuaro who presented the Coalition «By Michoacan to the front», formed by the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), and Movement citizen (MC), Araceli Saucedo Reyes and Gigliola Yaniritziratzin Torres García as an alternate.
The above in compliance with the ruling issued by the room Regional Toluca of the TEPJF for two trials of constitutional revision and one of electoral political rights of the citizen.
Then went to the approval of the agreement that would allow delivery of certificate of assignment and validity in the proprietor, the candidates Wilma Zavala Ramírez and María Guadalupe Hernández Dimas.
In this case in accordance with the resolution of the same instance that modified the sentence issued by the Electoral Tribunal of the State of Michoacán (TEEM), which initially indicated this space Marisol Aguilar, postulated by the Revolutionary Party candidate Institutional.
Electoral advisers agreed modification of the approved agreements so you know it immediately to the Congress of the State on the same.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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