translated from Spanish: Storm Gordon strengthens and generates storms in Florida

Florida, United States (EFE).-the tropical storm Gordon has gained strength in their advance by Florida, where has generated strong winds and rains, and may become a hurricane in the next s 36 hours, today reported the National Center of hurricanes of USA (CNH). Read also: Storm tropical Olivia intensifies to category 4segun the newsletter of 17.00 local time (2100 GMT), the storm has maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour, with strong gusts, and its gradual strengthening is forecast during the next 36 hours, with the possibility of becoming a hurricane when it hits land along the central coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo: NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center system moves to 28 km per hour west-northwest direction, and a strong East-Northeast motion is expected within the next 72 hours. The HCN, headquartered in Miami, points out that the Gordon Center will move more off the southwest coast of Florida tonight and then will you enter towards the East of the Gulf of Mexico.agrega, the center of the seventh will be close to the central coast of the Gulf within the area of mul IA at noon or late Tuesday and move inland on the lower Valley of the Mississippi on Wednesday. The hurricane alert remains effective from the mouth of the Pearl River to the Alabama-Florida border; While the tropical storm warning extended from Chokoloskee to Bonita Beach, and West of the mouth of the Pearl River to the East of Morgan City, Louisiana, including lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas.El storm warning means that there is a risk due to the flooding by the increase of the water caused landslides, during the next 36 hours.

Photo: NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center authorities asked people in these areas to take all necessary measures to protect their lives and their properties and be prepared for evacuations. According to the CNH, the water could reach heights over the ground of 60 to 152 cm, according to the places, especially at the border of Mississippi-Alabama.tambien will predict tornadoes tonight, through the peninsula South and west central Florida.Mientras, storm tropical Florence follows its route to open sea across the Atlantic, reported the CNH. Read also: tropical storm Gordon forms in Florida; going Mexicosegun the newsletter of the 2100 GMT, tropical storm again increased the strength of its maximum sustained winds at 110 kilometers per hour and little change is expected tonight, but expected a certain weakening on Tuesday and Wednesday. The system moves to 24 kilometers per hour, with westbound, and expected a slight movement toward West-Northwest end over the next few days. Florence is located about 1,700 km to the North of the islands of Cape, in the African continent and 2.310 km east northeast of the Antilles Menores.La note of the weather Center indicates that coast guard warning has not been issued and there is no current warnings. The current Atlantic hurricane season have formed seven tropical storms, of which Beryl and Chris became hurricanes of category 1 and 2, respectively. The latest forecast from the national administration of oceans and atmosphere (NOAA) of the United States anticipates the formation of five hurricanes in the Atlantic basin and only one of the most destructive categories. EFEEn this note: tropical storm Gordon Florida rainy Gulf of Mexico

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