translated from Spanish: Student debtor faced Sergio BITAR in the midst of the Research Commission by the falls in Congress

a representative of higher education debtors faced during this Monday to the former Minister of education of Ricardo Lagos, be GIO Bitar, who exhibited at the investigation Commission of the Chamber of deputies by the operation of credit with State endorsement (CAE). The PPD militant arrived at the meeting held in the headquarters of Santiago of the National Congress together with Nicolás Eyzaguirre, who headed the Ministry of education during the second Government of Michelle Bachelet. As the session unfolded appeared Juan Pablo Rojas, spokesman for educational debt, who blamed him for the problems facing borrowers.» I am indebted to the solidarity fund, victim of crime career», the man said to the former Minister, who was sitting before the members of the Commission, according to the recorded by Emol.Ante this, Bitar said and said»I can hear it, but I have no why preview their insolence».» Second, you are not a debtor of the falls. «Third you studied a forensic career, the career of crime has nothing to do with it», said. UDI María José Hoffman Deputy called for the immediate expulsion of the debtor. The President of the Commission, Camila Rojas (IA), finally brought him to the door of the room for withdraw.

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