translated from Spanish: UDI condemns support of Senator Guillier to Ricardo Palma Salamanca

great nuisance exists inside of the UDI, once a video is publicly know d where the Senator for Antofagasta and former presidential candidate of the new majority appears requesting the authorities of France to provide “humanitarian asylum” Ricardo Palma Salamanca, perpetrator of the murder of the founder of the community, Senator Jaime Guzmán, arguing that the former front is “chased” in Chile and that there are no conditions of access to justice in the country.
The message of support from Guillier occurs one month before make the audience by the request for extradition from Palma, former member of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, in the Court of appeal of Paris. 
“The video recorded by Senator Alejandro Guillier is the maximum severity for several reasons: the first is that it goes out to defend a terrorist who is condemned by the Chilean justice as perpetrator of the crime of our founder in full democracy.” Here we are not in the presence of someone who is processing, but of someone who escaped from prison for failure to comply with his sentence”, said Senator and President of the UDI, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe.
The President of the party added Guillier statements are aggravated further, given its status as a Senator, “because it is placing the interests of the State of Chile, which France requested the extradition of the terrorist Palma Salamanca, and whose request yet” It persists”. In addition, pointed out, with their arguments that Palma Salamanca is persecuted, and that there are no conditions of justice so that he returns to the country, “the Senator is questioning the procedural guarantees of the Chilean judiciary, rather than not is” It conforms to reality and that seems unusual that they come from a Senator and a former presidential candidate.”
Van Rysselberghe emphasized that “as a party we have had to wait more than 25 years for Justice for the death of our founder and Senator Jaime Guzmán, and it is unacceptable that today there is the possibility of ending decades of impunity, a Senator of” the Republic finish supporting a terrorist that badly damaged democracy and institutionality of the country”.
For his part, the Secretary general of the UDI, Congressman Issa Kort, indicated that “the uninformed and politically incorrect opinion issued by Senator Alejandro Guillier is unacceptable. Sorry for the State of Chilean law and the recovery of our democratic process, because what happened was the assassination of a Senator of the Republic in the hands of a terrorist organization, as it was the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, according to the He established own Chilean justice”.
“Therefore, here we are not talking about one misdemeanor, or a fault, we are talking about a terrorist attack that took the lives of a Senator in exercise, where the State of Chile is complainant, and where the own Senate is interested party.” I would remind Senator Guillier these processes that have been carried out in Chile, have been conducted by Ministers instructors, by judges who beyond the particular opinion, sought with decision this issue”, said the Deputy Kort.
At the same time, Senator Juan Antonio Coloma expressed his disbelief with the attitude of Guillier, indicating that “what has made the Senator, recording a video of support so be granted political asylum in France to Ricardo Palma Salamanca, is incomprehensible from all point of” view. We say things by their name, the Lord Palma Salamanca is doomed in Chile for murder and kidnapping, and this required from other parts of the world for equally serious crimes. Then, when there is someone who is bound by Justice, not by someone different, try that it inhibits comply the statement for political reasons is a throwback. This is a step in fake Senator Guillier, since somehow represents the desire of that institutions and failures are not met, issue that is incomprehensible, particularly with a type of crime that has to do with death and kidnapping;  that is not acceptable within an institutional system”, he concluded.

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