translated from Spanish: Vice-Presidents DC asked Frei to renounce the party as long as Ambassador in Asia

the tenure of former President Eduardo Frei in his role as Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Chile in Asia has generated division within the Christian democracy (DC).
He is expected that the national policy debate this point in meeting. Annoyance has been accentuated in recent weeks, because of the silence of the former President at the insistence of his party that the Government remove the Undersecretary of health care networks, Luis Castillo, strongly questioned hide information about the autopsy of Frei Montalva.
“If wants to follow Ambassador, that he renounces his militancy,” said the national Adviser of the collectivity, Nolberto Díaz, through a group of WhatsApp, explained the newspaper La Segunda. 
Last Friday, the daughter of the former President and Vice President DC, Carmen Frei, recognized in cooperative its discomfort: “what makes each person will have to ask themselves.” Obviously there are situations that I don’t like,”said referring to the proximity of his brother and his sister-in-law, Marta Larraechea, with the Government.
Last week, the former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle dined at La Moneda. Your spouse held a meeting with the first lady, Cecilia Morel. Also in an interview with El Mercurio, consulted on whether Frei supports his administration, President Sebastián Piñera said that “he is the Ambassador of our Government to the Asia Pacific and continues to exercise that office”.
“The meeting we have today is especially for that. I asked it sat, because the situation is already well uncomfortable. Not only for Carmen Frei, but for DC militancy”, said Cecilia Valdés, Vice President. 
Valdes said there are mobilisations in all regions requesting the departure of the Assistant Castle, but that “uphill comes when a prominent activist working in the Government”. 
“What has conversed with other Vice Presidents is ask (Frei) to take a definition and communicate it to the party, because it is not only uncomfortable for his family, but for his party,” he added. 
In that vein, the also Vice President Felipe Delpin, suggested that “while he is Ambassador, could ask permission at the party table and freeze his membership or suspend it”.
In counterpart, the helmsman DC, Fuad Chahin, emphasized that “our theme is Castle, not Frei”, and in the same vein, the Chief of bed of the DC members, Matías Walker, called “not to confuse things”. 

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