translated from Spanish: Accidents left injured and material damage in the Michoacán Tierra Caliente

Tierra Caliente, Michoacan.-Tierra Caliente region was the scene of three road accidents left by two people were injured and multiple damages as a consequence materials.
In the first instance in the constituent Boulevard of the municipality of Apatzingán off the premises of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, in colonia La Florida a woman from whom the generals are unknown was injured because he turned the vehicle brand Honda Accord type driving.
Municipal Civil protection elements helped the woman and was taken to the Regional Hospital so it was attended.
In addition, transit authorities were formed to determine the kinematics of the accident, although some witnesses pointed to mechanical failure apparently caused the woman to lose control of the steering wheel and influence.
Later, also in the town of Apatzingan, but in the federal highway which leads to Hawk at the height of the population of Los Hornos, a motorcyclist was run over by a ghost car.
The affected was aided by paramedics of protection Civil Municipal and Mexican Red Cross who transported it to the Regional Hospital where he was under medical observation.
The third accident took place in the municipality of Múgica on the Federal Apatzingan-Cuatro Caminos road at the height of the population of Corondiro.
In this site is impacted front a Ford van type exhaust, black and a pickup truck, Honda type CV-R, white whose occupants were unharmed.
Police officers took charge of expertise and the transfer of units to a corralón insofar as it defines the legal status of those involved.

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