translated from Spanish: Bathed in gold Lamborghini surprise inhabitants of Pakistan

Dubai-a Lamborghini Aventador S rolled gold came to Islamabad, Pakistan last week and is still the talk of the town in the social networks of the country. This luxury car has cost owner 185 million rupees, including tariffs, customs and taxes of more than 100 million, as stated in a report published by The News International, a newspaper based in Pakistan and was imported from the United Kingdom.
 The car belongs to Kunwar Moeez Khan, a property Tycoon, who shared photos of their prized possession in his Facebook.El page owner was quoted as saying by multiple Pakistani media: «more than a hundred million rupees have been paid to the» Government as taxes on this car. … It has been imported from the United Kingdom «.»
 He published a video of the car which arrived at the port and was unveiled. Multiple Facebook users labeled to your friends in your photos and videos and asked to cast a look at the luxury vehicle.
 Others welcomed the owner and published strange questions about what would be your next vehicle. Muhammad Haris Yasin published: «Allah bless you and your family. My prayers are always with you «.» In this article: wealth Lamborghini gold bathed k surprises people Pakistan

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