translated from Spanish: Eight killed in a fatal accident in Salta

the grave incident occurred between a utilitarian Renault Kangoo against a discount, and it claimed the lives of five police officers who moved into the larger vehicle. On the other hand, two other people were injured and remained institutionalized. 

The dead troops, according to the web site of the newspaper El Tribuno, were identified as Valentín Rodríguez, Sergeant Assistant; Sergio Maldonado, Sergeant Assistant; Sergeant José Oliva (Lake Division); the Elizabeth Lucena agent and agent Cesar Paz.

On the other hand, killed the driver of the remise, and was detailed identity of the same, surname Giménez, and passenger Elvira Olivera Argañaraz and Ricardo Rojas, all residing at the Salta town of El Galpón.

With respect to the injured, a woman who was identified as Blanca Pizarro and which was transferred to a hospital in Salta capital with “lower left part trauma”, and the officer of the police Javier Olivera, who was taken in serious condition to Hospital del Carmen they are , de Metán, with “polytraumatism, exposed fracture of tibia and fibula”.

After the tragic incident on Route 16, the Mayor of El Galpón, Federico Saca, declared three days of mourning for the tragic accident and offered the municipality to make a unique funeral to say goodbye to all the victims.

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