translated from Spanish: Eleven countries in the region asked to continue hosting with «open arms» Venezuelans

countries who met in Quito, addressing the Venezuelan immigration crisis, issued a statement of willpower where urge sec UIR welcoming emigrants of that nationality. In the text, representatives from 11 countries, ask to continue hosting with «open arms to all those who are facing a difficult situation in their country of origin», said the Peruvian representative, César Bustamante and the news agency EFE reported. According to the statement, the Venezuelans will continue being received within a sense of «brotherhood» and «solidarity», but also within the «security» for the companies. The document was signed by eleven countries from the 13 who attended the meeting. Dominican Republic attended as an observer, while Bolivia did not sign. The representatives also urged the Government of Venezuela to «take urgent and priority measures for the timely provision of documents of identity and travel of its nationals». They have urged to facilitate the processing of identification cards, passports, birth certificates and certificates of criminal records, papers required by Governments to regularize the situation of migrants. Diplomats as Raul Sanuhueza of Chile, said that this puts on the rug that Venezuelans are not leaving the country are touring, but a humanitarian situation grave»generated in a crisis»; for the lime solitio support to that community. For his part, the representative of UNHCR, José Javier Samaniego applauded the outcome of the meeting and expressed that they will continue working and supporting the initiative

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