translated from Spanish: Former Mayor of the PT is sentenced to 247 years in prison in Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan.-former municipal President of Álvaro Obregón, Michoacan, Juan Carlos A., he was sentenced to 247 years in prison, after the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE), ob I had the judgment against it and 300 years in prison against four others, responsible for the killing of ten people, facts which took place July 29, 2016 in the municipality of Álvaro Obregón.
In an interview with the lawyer of the sentenced today, I affirm that Juan Carlos A. cannot receive a 247 sentence is the maximum sentence in the country for 40 years. Ignacio Mendoza indicated that the sentence appealed before judges of the Judicial Michoacan power.
In a statement the PGJE said that in public hearing, the Court of prosecution assessed evidence developed during the trial by the prosecution to determine the guilt of the sentenced.
 «According to those evidences, the day which was the Commission of the offence, the now sentenced deprived of freedom ten persons of the male sex and led to an area of the municipality of Álvaro Obregón, site where removed them life with injuries produced by projectile firearms; later the victims were transferred to community La Ciénega, municipality of Cuitzeo, place where to set them on fire and left the remains»reported the PGJE.
«With test data obtained during the investigation, the respective arrest warrant was requested before the judge’s control, so, after completing such a mandate, the defendants were filed with the Court and at the time, linked to» process.»
In the same statement the Attorney General reported that «once the debate took place at hearing of oral judgment, the trial court held unanimously, judgment of 247 years and 6 months in prison against Juan Carlos A.;» «while defendants USAir Reynaldo R., Victor Hugo G., Humberto S. and J. Sacramento N., was imposed the penalty of 300 years in prison.»
Similarly, trial court ruled against the five – now sentenced-, the payment of 3 million 695 thousand 824 pesos per concept of reparation of the damage.

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