translated from Spanish: How did the conflict of the CCH Azcapotzalco?

Tuesday, the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) of Azcapotzalco meets nine days unemployed, once students take the campus to demand the dismissal of then Director, Maria Guadalupe Patricia Cárdenas Márquez.
Derived from this conflict, on 30 August, Patricia Márquez presented his resignation, although students kept unemployment, as a measure of pressure to other demands.
This has been the development of the conflict started in the CCH Azcapotzalco, whereby the other faculties, CCH and preparatory of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) began a strike to support the protest: students demanded resignation of Director 27 in August, a group of students took the administrative offices of the CCH Azcapotzalco, in protest at the lack of teachers in the classrooms and the removal of murals that were on campus.
The students demanded the resignation of María Guadalupe Márquez, Director of the school. In the following days they organized meetings and assemblies with students and parents, to demand a dialogue with the authorities of the General direction of CCHs.
Through a press release, dated August 29, the Directorate-General for science and Humanities colleges expressed «full willingness to cooperate in the solution of the problems that a group of students said» to the University community.
School authorities proposed to the students establish a table of dialogue, and noted that an Intermedia Commission schedules joined in the General direction of the school that are assigned a teacher for all campus groups.

The school National College of Sciences and Humanities reports: – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) August 29, 2018 Director resignation for «normalization of activities» Thursday, August 30, the General Directorate of the CCH reported to the Director in Azcapotzalco campus he had submitted his resignation, same that was accepted by the rector of the UNAM, Enrique Graue.
The Directorate-General was named as his temporary substitute of Cárdenas Márquez Benjamin Barajas Sanchez, who served as director general of the College of Sciences and humanities.
It was also reported that it would be home to the process of appointment of the new director of the campus, so in coming days publish the corresponding call, according to University legislation.

The school National College of Sciences and Humanities reports: – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) August 30, 2018 then the resignation of the former Director, DG called restoration of dialogue between the authorities and students, and asked that proposals be defined to contribute to the resolution of the problems facing the community of CCH Vallejo campus.

H. Technical Council of the school National School of Sciences and Humanities reports: – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) August 31, 2018 CCH Azcapotzalco returns to change of director on August 31, the General Directorate of the CCH reported that, While not made the monitoring process to appoint the new director or Director, Professor Andres Francisco Palacios Meza will take the post.

The Director-General of the #CCH reports – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) August 31, 2018 this same evening, students call to March on Monday, September 3, from the bulb Park to the Esplanade of rectory of UNAM, in city University, to deliver a list of demands to the authorities.
Sunday 2 September, school officials said that they would support the community of CCH Azcapotzalco to carry out administrative procedures, form a Committee to assign teachers to all groups and the preparation of a diagnosis that will allow propose measures for the improvement of the campus.

Advises the Director-General: – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) September 2, 2018 the attack on students Monday, CCH Azcapotzalco students marched from Insurgentes Avenue, at the height of the Park bulb, to the Esplanade of the rectory.
The slogans the students throwing were to denounce the existence of cases of harassment, improper collections on campus, bad deals and closing of spaces of freedom of expression.
According to Noticieros Televisa, mobilization joined students of the CCH Oriente, who demanded justice for Miranda Mendoza, student who was kidnapped on August 20 and subsequently murdered.
Students gathered on the Esplanade of the rectory, where were spots with chalk, they fired slogans and gave reading the list of demands, until a group of young people who wore jerseys with the colors of the coat of arms of the UNAM, and dispersed to the protesters with stones, sticks and firecrackers.
The UNAM and the General direction of the CCH failed attack against students who were protesting peacefully, and reported that they had already submitted the relevant complaints to the city attorney’s Office.
In a statement, the Attorney General of Justice of the city of Mexico reported that, according to the investigation of the case folder, a 19-year-old man suffered burns in a buttock, while another, 21, has injuries on the face with possible fracture of nasal septum.
In total, 14 people were injured by these facts.
The General direction of the CCH termed an «outrage, surely mounted to discredit and undermine the work we do on a daily basis to the benefit of thousands of students» aggressions against students.
Management said the facts and called the Community College to «join forces to reject porril violence, defend the College draft and keep open our facilities».

The College of Sciences and Humanities reports: #UNAMSinViolencia #CCHSinViolencia – CCH UNAM (@CCHUNAM) September 4, 2018 because of attacks on students, social, psychology, and political science faculties Philosophy and letters and the FES Aragon started a strike of sorts for 48 hours which began this September 4.
This stop the high school 6 and the CCH Naucalpan joined also.
Other faculties consultations on joining the strike, will be carried out as in the architecture, economics, science, chemistry, law, medicine and engineering.
Likewise, in Social work, veterinary medicine, arts and design, the FES Acatlan and FES Cuautitlán, as well as in all the high and CCHs.
About these attacks, the head of Government of the city of Mexico, José Ramón Amieva, said that it was a premeditated attack, since confirmed the existence of several buses and private vehicles where there was prior agreement to that from entering the premises of the UNAM.
Information for Noticieros Televisa.

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