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file – in this July 20, 2017 file photo, then Chilean President Michelle Bachelet holds a flower during a visit to the Park of the Me Moria honouring the victims of the dictatorship in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. Bachelet was 23 years old when she was tortured and fled from Chile. Now in 2018, more than four decades later, it will have to face its painful past as the new High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights, in which combat these abuses around the world. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, file)

SANTIAGO, CHILE (AP) – More than four decades ago, when Michelle Bachelet was a Socialist University for 23 years, was detained and tortured like so many other victims of the Chilean military dictatorship. It now has 66, face crimes against humanity from the position that assumes this month as High Commissioner for the human rights of Nations Unidas.Esta will not be the first time that it will work for the Agency. Bachelet, first woman to reach the Presidency of Chile – was Executive Secretary of UN women between 2010 and 2013.detras of the exmandataria which often look caring and cheerful there is a complex past: the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) fragmented to your Familia.v class = «ck-related-news» > first her father died. In 1974, general Alberto Bachelet worked in food distribution for President Salvador Allende, toppled by a coup in 1973. The day of the uprising was imprisoned by his comrades, was called a «traitor to the fatherland» and died of an infarction attributed to torture.

In 1975 Bachelet and her mother, the archaeologist Ángela Jeria – were captured by clandestine tasks for the banned Socialist Party. In a television interview from 2014, Bachelet said that in the Centre of detention and torture of Villa Grimaldi was beaten but not they applied electric current to other prisoners. Bachelet studied medicine and was Socialist militant since 1970. He continued his studies at the exile in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and completed them in Chile. Before assuming the Presidency for the first time in 2006 was a pediatrician, treated children with mental health problems, whose parents were victims of the dictatorship and began in politics with low-profile jobs until he became Minister of health during the management of Ricardo Lagos in 2000.
After having been freed, Bachelet and her mother departed for exile in Australia to the only brother of the former President. From there she went to the GDR and reunited with his partner, Jaime López, who despite his 25 years took away a senior official in the Socialist Party.

After a few days together, he returned to Chile but stayed little time fearing to fall into the hands of the repressive police of Pinochet. According to the book «Bachelet. The unofficial history», by Javier Ortega and Andrea Insunza, upon returning to Europe she reminded him the commitment and the death of his father.» My dad died for being consistent. You I don’t expect less», he said according to the book. To ignore it and return to Chile, her boyfriend fell in the hands of the Directorate of national intelligence (DINA) and according to established a judge in 2015, not resisted the torture and delivered to several colleagues. Today, Jaime López is one among a thousand detainees who disappeared during the dictatorship. Bachelet speaks little about it, but in the interview of 2014 accepted the issue.» I lived it as a personal betrayal and the cause», he said. «It was very tough for me because I had this issue of duty, because I was young, and probably when one is young is much more than white or black.» In his biography, Ortega and Insunza narrates another important event in the life of Bachelet and suggest that her father could have been saved: after his release from a first imprisonment were offered exile in Peru but when the general consulted his daughter she He responded that she preferred to stay.

Now in 2018, more than four decades later, it will have to face its painful past as the new High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights, in which combat these abuses around the world. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, file)

«Does not speak about the subject. We stayed. No I’ll leave alone», cites the book. The death of his father, the disappearance of her boyfriend and comrades marked the character of Bachelet and today his circle is mainly comprised of family and old friends. Doctor of psychology, Giorgio Agostini, told The Associated Press that despite what he suffered seems not have expressed resentment or vengeance toward the military. In fact, he studied at the Army War Academy and was the first woman in Chile and Latin America to become Minister of defense in 2002.
Agostini meets the exmandataria for years and wrote a chapter of the book «The daughter of the Tiger», of Rosario Guzman Bravo and Gonzalo Rojas Donoso, where he performs a psychological profile of it.

Before returning to Chile in 1979, Bachelet met with other socialist and exiled Chilean called Jorge Dávalos, married him and had two children. They divorced in 1985. Years later, in 1992, was born his daughter Sofia while he was with the doctor Aníbal Henríquez, whom he never married. That was the last romantic relationship that he became. Michelle Bachelet spends most of his time to his work. Many have considered it one of the most powerful and influential of the world women and now his new challenge, to replace the Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in the promotion and protection of human rights once again attract the gaze towards her.

Now in 2018, more than four decades later, it will have to face its painful past as the new High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights, on which will have to combat such abuses around the world. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, file)

Although she was elected by acclamation in United Nations and received praise abroad, also fired a handful of reviews at Chile.Las views on his efforts (2006-2010 and 2014-2018) are contrasting. His first Government focused on gender and equality in expanding the network of social protection to the most disadvantaged, so it closed with 80% popularity. However, the second was complex and although he sought greater equality through the momentum of structural reforms in education, tax and labor, a decline in the economy and a corruption scandal involving his daughter and his son beat her hopelessly : his popularity fell to 19% at its worst and closed with 39% to deliver power to the would Sebastián Piñera.
After concluding his mandate, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, proposed it as High Commissioner for human rights.

One of the major criticisms to his appointment comes from Chile by reneging on his promise to close the Punta Peuco, a prison for violators to human rights where they live with luxuries if compared with the common presidios. Alicia Lira, leader of the executed politicians during the dictatorship, said that Bachelet criticized Punta Peuco but never sent Congress a project to degrade to the damned. Now the expectation of his new role is not less. Guterres described as it «a pioneer, visionary». For his part, Ramón Muñoz, director of the international of human rights network (IHRN), comprising dozens of Latin American entities, said: «what we hope is to speak loud and clear». Bachelet tasks will be to convince members that ceased its contributions to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations that resume it and deal with the withdrawal of the United States of the organism. It should also address to leaders suspected of violating human rights and to define its position on the crimes against humanity. The situations you face in Latin America include the crisis that has led to more than two million Venezuelans to exile and violence in Nicaragua. Globally, is the situation of the rohinya in Bangladesh, the persecution of religious minorities and homosexuals in the Middle East and Africa and the use of prohibited weapons against civilians by groups such as State announced Heraldo Munoz pointed out that Bachelet will contribute to several factors. «He meets Presidents and Prime Ministers will you answer the phone, which can be a well important mechanism for addressing problems of human rights through dialogue».
On his first day of work Monday, she said in a statement that she was honored with her new position and asked to release the two journalists from the Reuters agency that Myanmar sentenced to seven years in prison.

Isha Dyfant, Director of international advocacy at Amnesty International, warned that there is an authoritative wave in the world. «It will need a strong leader, which clearly say the truth to power and who is willing to mobilize political will to defend our rights in this challenging climate,» he added. This could be Bachelet.En this note: Chile Michelle Bachelet dictatorship military Chilean Nations United

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