translated from Spanish: «I scorned to Genaro and think I killed him,» confessed to her friend

Julieta Silva, 30, was sentenced to 3 years and nine months in prison for hitting and killing her boyfriend, rugby player, Genaro a’n ‘, in 25 years, when he was leaving a nightclub the September 9, 2017 in Argentina.Leer also: sentenced to 22 years in prison woman who killed her son of 17 mesesLa prosecution of Mendoza, reported that the condemned will continue prison home, but the family of the athlete, called for life in prison. Also read: «I am a lawyer, I hope are invalid» yelled when accused agonizabaLa will appeal the sentence in cassation. If this is approved, it could ask for probation to meet two thirds of the penalty, i.e. within 20 months, in may 2020. 
Genaro family hoped the maximum sentence for aggravated murder but judges, they declared her guilty of aggravated manslaughter and also removed the license to drive for 8 years. Thus the vividly were agree with Clarin, the Lady killed the girl with his car. He fell to the pavement after running a few meters next to the truck. She led about 150 meters, turned on U, returned to where it was and ran it. He crushed her skull and dragged his body three meters. He never came to help him and called 911 and then with her friend and trainer, who was witness at the hearing.

 «I scorned to Genaro and think I killed him,» said the trainer.

She wept to hear the sentenciaJulieta cried upon hearing his sentence and refuse to say a few last words, but the deceased MOM yelled: for what Juliet, why? You foreplay two families!
«It happened above. He dragged his body three meters and were not arrested, provoked, immediately, the flattening of the skull to Fortunato», remarked the Prosecutor Fernando Guzzo.

They asked for life in prison and gave him three years of Carcelsin however, the tribunal did not find that chicha has hit the young person intentionally and gave that sentence. Genaro was interested would be father days before his death. His girlfriend was four months pregnant.
In this note: condemns Julieta Silva boyfriend abuse Argentina

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