translated from Spanish: Lula will present resources in the Supreme Court and to the United Nations to achieve its candidacy

the former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will present resource s before the Supreme Court and the United Nations so that ensure you the chance to contest October presidential elections once the electoral authority refused on Saturday his registration as a candidate.
The strategy of the former head of State was announced by its candidate for Vice-President, former Education Minister and former Mayor of São Paulo Fernando Haddad, after a visit that made Monday to the Socialist leader to the cell where Lula purges since April a condemned to twelve years of imprisonment for despite to expected by some members of the workers party (PT) Lula announced his withdrawal from the election dispute and appoint Haddad as his successor as presidential candidate, the former leader insisted their aspiration.
The Electoral Superior Tribunal decided at dawn on Saturday, by six votes to one, that Lula may not aspire to the Presidency have been convicted in the second instance of corruption.
Brazilian law prohibits nominate for those convicted in the second instance of a collegiate court office, as it is the case of the former President, a measure in the fight against corruption, which was sanctioned by the own Lula in 2010.
The leader of the workers party, who leads all polls of voting intention with a favoritism of about 40%, alleges that he was wrongfully convicted and faced political persecution aimed at preventing that it is chosen for a third term.
Lula «he will do everything to ensure that the people can freely choose their President,» said Haddad after the meeting with the former President on Monday.
According to the candidate for Vice President and spokesman for Lula, following the guidance of their leader, the PT is going to «take all appropriate legal measures to ensure the registration of candidacy» of the former President.
Haddad added that the resources that the PT will present before the Supreme Court and the UN itself seek to leave without effect the decision of the electoral authority.
«We exposed him to President Lula all the legal possibilities that we have available and it took the decision, first, submit an appeal to the UN so that it occurs on the decision of the Brazilian authorities of refusing to abide by a determination of the Committee of human rights of the body», said.
«And secondly to present an appeal to the Supreme Court so that, by injunction, guarantees the right to register his candidacy», added.
Defense of Lula’s main allegation is that Brazilian authorities have refused to obey an injunction issued by the United Nations Human Rights Committee calling for guarantees for their participation in the elections.
The Electoral Tribune said that that injunction has no binding, and added that the UN Committee ruled «without having heard the Brazilian State» and that he made it through just two of its 18 members.
«Did not imagine that Brazil would counteract a definition of an international organization and a treaty which we endorse and which was approved by Congress», said Haddad.
Where new resources that will try the PT are rejected, the party only has period until Tuesday of next week to present a new candidate, which they have admitted different leaders, would be Haddad.
You should not announce a new candidate to October 11, the PT will be outside the electoral dispute.

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