translated from Spanish: Moose besieged by people drown in a Lake of Vermont

SOUTH HERO, Vermont, USA (AP) — an elk drowned in Lake Champlain since several people followed him to take photographs, reported officials of Vermont.El wildlife Moose c ruzo Lake to swim on Saturday from New York to South Hero, Vermont, reported Robert Currier, the fish and Wildlife Service Ranger. The animal came ashore, but had to return to the water, probably feeling threatened by people who watched him. Along the way he got tired and drowned. Currier said that he no was present when Moose rejoined the water, but believes that those present had something to do in his death, based on what you told them and the local authorities. He made shortly before the animal drowned.

«At that moment I was struggling. We hoped a boat to help him, but drowned until this came,»he said Monday. «The conditions were very difficult, probably had waves of 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) and strong winds».
When the boat arrived, Currier slipped into the water and tied a rope to the Moose out, said.

Bernadette Toth was in the area on Saturday morning with 17 year-old daughter, to whom a photographer was portraying. He saw Moose swimming to the coast, but she was until I returned to enter the water. He said that there were a half a dozen people close to the animal and that the incident occurred in the vicinity of a popular bicycle path among tourists.» They made it seem as if it had been a huge crowd. No, this is a very busy in South Hero area», said Toth. «It is an area that many people always have.»
Currier said, threats, the Moose away or become aggressive.

«I recommend to the public that are kept away from the animal, gives you plenty of space and alert you to the Department of fish and wildlife», said. In this note: United States Vermont Champlain Robert Currier Moose

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