translated from Spanish: Notary Association said that you reform of the Government: “Has as a final course weaken public faith”

the President of the Association of notaries, Alfredo Martin, aimed against the reform project a system that presented yesterday the gob ierno and, in a conversation with radio Cooperativa, said the figure of the notary fedetario can put at risk the public faith. Martin said that the figure of the notary fedetario – that would deal with a number of procedures that only requires the approval of a firm- “is dangerous”. “We have to make a distinction of powers when we talk about legal certainty. They will have poor facilities, they will not be able to sustain itself and lor more likely it is that the companies who will finance them can put public faith at your service‘he said Martin.El President of the Association of notaries, criti co top of 21 years for the exercise of the office proposed legislation. “is arbitrary and capricious. This is intended to weaken public faith “.” In places in which the system has been opened, 30% of the notaries are being investigated for irregularities.

are concerned the efficiency and the security of the system” said.
Martin said that “we have to consider that our function is highly professional and specialized. Here is why I see project has as a final course weaken public faith in Chile“Martin said that the trade union grouping, however, values the election system and the” proactive control that will help improve the service and “” , also the technology that we have been calling for since the 2011 “.    

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