translated from Spanish: “The night of 12 years”, the new Chinese Darin that will take to film the story of José Mujica

“the night of 12 years” is the film that will take to the big screen the story of José Mujica, who spent more than a decade in prison po r being one of the tupamaros leaders that the military dictatorship took as prisoners.

Together with Mauricio Rosencof and Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro, Mujica, spent the darkest period of his life, marked by a spirit of self-improvement, fundamental to fight and achieve survive with humanity and hope.

The story of the man who went from prisoner to President, and his experiences locked up in jail will arrive in Argentine cinema in the hands of its director, Álvaro Brechner. “The night of 12 years” raises the expectations of the spectators and very promising.

Alfonso de la Torre in “The night of 12 years” | Photo: Courtesy of prensaAlfonso of the Tower (“the author”), Chinese Darin and Alfonso Tort (“Chronicle of an escape”) are the protagonists of this film that has already been nominated for the section competitive Orizzonti of the Venice International Festival of cinema.


It will also participate in the competitive section of the San Sebastian Film Festival “Horizontes Latinos” and will be the film of opening of the Festival international de Cinema of Biarritz.

Complete the cast, figures as Soledad Villamil (“the secret in their eyes”) and Silvia Pérez Cruz (“about your House”).

Soledad Villamil in “The night of 12 years” | Photo: Courtesy of prensaEste film implies Darin Chinese return to Argentine cinema halls on Thursday September 27 after his recent starring role in “The Angel” – the national film based on the life of the criminal Carlos Robledo Puch – which already gathered more than one million viewers.

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