translated from Spanish: The Senate approves an agreement of austerity

all political parties in the Senate unanimously adopted an austerity agreement for this camera, that trims costs both legislators and administrative controls, in areas ranging from expenses medical higher until the Elimination of «fruits, seeds and drink specials».
The document does not require amounts of what is meant to save with these measures, but explains that they will be of immediate application and that are considered in the budget for 2019.
Cuts include four types of subjects in the House: servants of command, parliamentary groups, governing bodies and senators. For each, there are different steps.
For example, cut gasoline, tolls, cellular phone expenses, major medical expenses, individualized separating insurance and vales de despensa, is only indicated for public servers on remote.
The parliamentary groups will be limited les total budget, fees and the squares to hire support staff, there will be only 42 legislative committees (and not 64, as so far), and removed them food when they have caucus meetings.
Body as directors and Board policy coordination (Jucopo) table will have a reduction of administrative structure and staff fees, and also it will no longer be food for work meetings.
And finally, as lawmakers have less allocations for hiring, less support in days of session, reduction of food and elimination of fruits and drink specials.
The bodies within the Senate entering within the plan of austerity for their structures include centres of studies such as the Belisario Domínguez Institute, studies international Gilberto Bosques, and areas such as media, the unit of Transparency, the internal auditor, as well as the secretariats of parliamentary services and administrative services.

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