translated from Spanish: They found dead 21-year-old who would have been strangled during a sexual encounter

a confused case was discovered Monday, September 3, in the Buenos Aires locality of Villa Centenario, belonging to the party of Lomas de Zamora. There, a 21-year-old girl was found dead after having allegedly had a sexual encounter.

The body of the victim, identified as Elizabeth Foronda Calani of Bolivian nationality, was found around 11 am in a House wagered on Ricardo Palma Street to 600 of the southern town of Gran Buenos Aires.

The body showed signs of asphyxiation by pressure in the neck and was lying on a mattress in the dining room of the House.

The hypothesis that the researchers handle points to a sexual encounter that went wrong. Because, police arrested two men, one 23 and one of 43, who were in the House at the time of the finding and also worked with the victim in a bar in the neighborhood of Liniers.

A neighbor in the area alerted authorities through called 911 and immediately effective of the seventh Commissioner of Lomas de Zamora attended the site.

As he could reconstruct, involved three would have maintained a sexual encounter after consuming a large quantity of alcohol. Although still not confirmed the cause of death of Foronda Calani, it is known that came out of their workplace and, alongside men, approached the House in question – property of the mayor-in a Toyota Corolla van.

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