translated from Spanish: They will reduce water supply to GAM and Azcapotzalco

and the next 9 Sunday, from Tuesday 5 September the water supply will be affected by 55% in 56 colonies of delegation Gustavo A. Madero and Azcapotzalco.
In a statement, the national water Commission (Conagua) reported that the reduction in supply is due to to held Teoloyucan of Barrientos system branch pipe diversion works, to avoid possible damage due to the discharge of tunnel transmitter West II Channel transmitter West of the West open pit.
In Azcapotzalco, the affected colonies will be Industrial Vallejo, Coltongo, Mexican Union of electricians, Prohogar, Las Salinas, San Pablo Xalpa, La Raza, El Arenal, U. H. Two lions (San Pablo 396), Euzkadi, Aguilera, New Spain, iron workers, the Jagüey and U.H. Xochinahuac (East side).
Also be affected the colonies of the Gas, San Sebastian, San Marcos, San Francisco, freedom, Santa Barbara, San Andrés, Santa Catarina, Monte Alto and Santo Tomas.
Gustavo A. Madero, the colonies in which supply will be reduced are San Juan and Guadalupe Ticomán, Benito Juárez (part), La Escalera, La Candelaria, Residencial aqueduct Guadalupe, Aragon La Villa, La Pastora, U. H. Bugambilias and modern farms.
The colonies Jorge Negrete, U. H. Acuedcto de Guadalupe, Tres Estrellas, area school East, U. H. Arbolillo I, Guadalupe Tepeyac, U. H. Joyas Vallejo, U. H. Arbolillo II, Bondojo, San José de la Escalera, U. H. Arbolillo III, Vallejo, national progress, U. H. Mosaiquera Magdalena de Las Salinas and Santiago Atepetlac will also be affected.
Also in the colonies U. H. Aide Solis, unit professional Zacatenco, proletarian Guadalupe, La Laguna Ticomán, Santa Rosa, San Pedro Zacatenco, national solidarity and Residencial Zacatenco.
The jobs program includes 96 hours, starts at 05:00 from September 5, until 05:00 on September 9.
Therefore the system of waters of the city of Mexico, in coordination with the CONAGUA, will implement a series of actions aimed at decreasing negative population effects, such as an increase in the supply of water from the Cutzamala system emerging and the regulation of the service through the storage of water in the tank system to ensure as far as possible an equitable distribution to the affected areas.
It also will launch a pop-up program by supplying trucks tanks (pipes), delegations, DIF and fire.
The authorities urged users of the colonies affected that during this period, the measures that allow extreme saving and rational use of drinking water.
In support of the measures taken is put at the disposal of the users phone numbers: System of territorial waters of the city of Mexico 56-54-32-10 with 10 lines, delegations Azcapotzalco 55-61-09-03, Gustavo A. Madero: 1) 57-96-90-44, 2) 57-51-35-93, 3). 57-66-94-44, 4) 57-81-13-52 and 5) 57-51-78-50.

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