translated from Spanish: Three faculties of UNAM, in 48-hour strike

the faculties of political science and social, psychology, and philosophy and letters began a strike of sorts for 48 hours in protest by attacks on students from the CCH Azcapotzalco.
Yesterday, students of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) Azcapotzalco were attacked by another group of alleged students opposite the rectory Tower, where protesting against alleged administrative irregularities at the institution.
Derived from this, students at those faculties, student assemblies determined to perform a stop of academic activities, existing since yesterday at 21:00 hours till morning Wednesday at the same time.
After the attack, at least 13 teenagers were injured, of whom three were hospitalized, according to the newspaper Reforma.
Assaulted students from CCH Azcapotzalco against rectory; Attorney’s office reported 4 injured this morning, the students formed barricades at the entrances to schools located in Ciudad Universitaria, take place where student assemblies, from 9:00 to 14:00 hours.
In addition to these three powers, will also be a consultation the faculties of architecture, economics, science, chemistry, law, medicine and engineering.
Lee: Murdered Miranda Mendoza, 18 year-old student of the CCH Oriente of the UNAM also in Social work, veterinary medicine, arts and design, and the Faculty of higher studies (FES) of Aragon, Acatlán, Cuautitlán.
Schools from 1 to 9, as well as the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) South, East, Vallejo and Naucalpan will also unite to demand more safety and zero presence of joints.
In the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) Azcapotzalco Ploughshares hang blankets in which students paristas responsible to Rector Graue and the general director of the CCH, Benjamin Barajas, of aggression yesterday.
‘Out UNAM porros’, “We do responsible to Barajas and Graue of the porril attack in CU,” reads the blankets.

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