translated from Spanish: What was the initiative that the Governor of Chaco took after the death of a boy in an attempt to plunder?

the Governor of the province of Chaco, Domingo Peppo, decided to increase security after repeated looting to supermarkets and the death of the teenager Ismael Ramírez, who was caught in the middle of the shooting between looters and the official.

The attempt of looting – occurred during the evening of Monday 3 September – which took the life of the child, took place in a supermarket, located in Barrio Obrero, in the city of Sáenz Peña.

«I want to inform the community of #SáenzPeña, that before the events of today in the evening I started to forces rapid intervention, with reinforcements to prevent any situation,» Peppo announced via her official Twitter account.

Chaco Governor was close to citizens after looting ordering «a deep investigation on the sad fact of the loss of a life,» cooperating with justice to determine the authorship of the happening.

Domingo Peppo and its release through networks socialesCabe mentioned that a total of 19 people were arrested for looting and incidents in different parts of the city of Chaco.

For his part, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Capitanich said that relevant research is conducted to determine the origin of the shot that culminated with the death of the child.

Domingo Peppo and its release through social networks «apparently (the shot came) from the actions of the police with a shot of some kind of weapon similar to a tumbera, but all of this is being investigated», said the Deputy Governor in dialogue with the Radio FM La Patriada.

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